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Wedding Flowers by Jayne Pugh in Paphos Cyprus

        September is a very very busy month for weddings here in Paphos, Cyprus. The weather is starting to cool a little and there are plenty of flower variety still available. The most popular colour for September has been Coral – there is the most perfect... Read More →

What is a Wedding Without Flowers?

Love has a magic all of its own, and flowers add their unique charm to every wedding. They add fragrance and joy to our lives. In fact, for every occasion, be it small or big, flowers add happiness. They look gorgeous, brightening up the entire event. For weddings, flowers play... Read More →

Discover the Best Wedding Flowers in Cyprus

According to a Greek myth, the most ideal place to get married is Cyprus, because of the birth of Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of love). And there’s nothing better than taking vows under a shower of beautiful flowers, especially if they are wedding flowers in Cyprus. It is... Read More →